About Us

Welcome to Mile 9 Products, located in LA Washington ~ that's Lower Ardenvoir, WA ~ located nine miles up the beautiful Entiat Valley. Mile 9 Products originated from an idea that heat can have flavor, and flavor can have heat. We don't want to burn your face off, we want to enhance the flavor of foods. A great deal of thought and effort has been put into these recipes. So Enjoy!.

The Meaning Behind The Flower 

Sixteen years ago a man (me) walked into a pet supply store and saw the most beautiful woman had ever seen (Summer).  I had the pleasure of becoming her friend, and falling in love with her.  We got married, started a family and began living the life we both wanted.  We thought we would see our children grow older and that we would grow old together, but that was cut short on November 26, 2012 when Summer was killed in a tragic car accident.  Summer was a ray of sunshine.  She had a smile that could light up a room and a kind and caring heart.  She was so many things, but to me she was the love of my life. She was an amazing wife and mother and if I have one thing, it's all the love and laughter we shared between us and our 2 sons.  

Mile 9 started as a dream that Summer and I had. After I had perfected the first recipe for Smokey Jal, I'll never forget the moment she tried it.  She wrapped her arms around me and said "You Did It!", and it was on from there!!!  Summer was very proud of our vision with Mile 9.  She was constantly telling people about it, and when we cooked for people at gatherings or events, she would be holding the bottle with a big smile on her face, asking people if they would like to try it.  They would, and they always loved it.  It was a constant affirmation that we were on to something.  After all that's happened, it has been hard  to carry on this dream without her but, there have been so many positive signs that this is what I should do.   I believe that it is very important to continue our dream and I know that she would be very proud.  Thank you for supporting our dream.  She lives on in our hearts and smiles.


Patrick, Josh and Jack